Glendalough Co. Wicklow Part 3

Reefert Church

Reefert Church is set in a grove of trees and a bit of a walk from the main part of Glendalough. The name "Reefert" comes from the Irish "Righ Fearta" meaning the burial place of kings. It is close to the upper lake and beside the Poulanass river.

Inside Reefert Church

The caher

The Caher is a stone walled structure and is the oldest of the structures but the date is unknown. It is possibly pre-Christian. There are many crosses nearby which may have marked the boundaries of monastic lands or stations on the pilgrims' route.

Poulanass River

The beauty and tranquillity of Glendalough; a walker's paradise and a place of great peace and spiritual heritage. It is a bridge linking different times. Other sites not included here are St Kevin's Bed, Temple Na Skellig and St Kevin's Cell which are difficult to access.

Wooden Bridge over Poulanass River

St Kevin's Parish Church

This is the current parish church of St Kevin's Glendalough, a parish that was constituted from the middle Sixth century. It was at one stage part of Roundwood Parish. It is also the Dublin Diocesan Shrine of Our Lady of fatima. The parish priest is Fr Sean O Toole.

Glendalough has an excellent visitor's centre which provides detailed information and maps.

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Photos taken by Fr Aquinas T. Duffy

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