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St Maelruain's Church Tallaght

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Photo by Edward Byrne

St Maelruain's Church (Church of Ireland) Tallaght Dublin,
dates back to 1829. But connected with it by a passage
there is a belfry tower which belonged to a church
erected in mediaeval times.

Selskar Abbey

Selskar Abbey in the centre of Wexford Town was an Augustinian Priory founded in the 12th century. A 15th century double nave survives as does a 14th century square battlement tower.

Selskar Abbey

Swords Castle Co. Dublin

Swords Castle is standing in the centre of the north county Dublin town since 1200 A.D. It was built by the first Norman Archbishop of Dublin, John Comyn who suceeded St Laurence O Toole as Archbishop in 1180 A.D. It was built as a summer palace for Archbishop Comyn.The Archbishop was also a Norman Baron who had his own constable resident in the castle. The constable was empowered to hold court and even to pass the death sentence. For this purpose he had a gallows outside the town on the Brackenstown Road. The castle has been a ruin since 1324 A.D. and is currently being restored for the purposes of a heritage centre.

Timoleague Abbey Co. Cork

Timoleague Abbey is in County Cork.The original foundation was founded by St Molaga and the present Franciscan Abbey was built in 1312 A.D. The Abbey was burned in 1642 A.D.

Entrance at Timoleague Abbey Co. Cork

Timoleague Abbey Co. Cork

West Gate Wexford Town

West Gate of the Wexford Town Wall.

Enniscorthy Castle

Enniscorthy Castle is a 13th century Norman Castle built in 1205 A.D. It was a resdience up to 1951. Today it houses the County Museum.

Castlemartyr Castle

Castlemartyr Castle in County Cork is in the grounds of the former Carmelite Secondary School. It was built in 1440 A.D.

Cahore Castle

Cahore Castle in Co. Wexford built in 1860 is an example of a modern castle. It is now a Hotel.

Cork City Jail Sundays Well CorkCork City Jail Sundays Well CorkCork City Jail Sundays Well Cork

Cork City Jail Sundays Well Cork

Cork City Jail is the oldest City Jail. It is now a museum which tells the story of what life was like for prisoners in the 19th century. There are spectacular sound effects as well as a multi media presentation. It shows the horrific conditions of life in Ireland and the barbaric treatment of children and adult prisoners. Well worth a visit.

Queenstown Heritage Centre Cobh

As many Americans surf this site, I have included photos of the Queenstown Heritage Centre in Cobh Co. Cork. It tells the story of what it was like to travel and emigrate to America. There is also some news reel footage of the Americans arriving in the harbour during the first world war. Outside is a statue of Annie Moore and her brothers who were the first to be admitted to the United States through through Ellis Island New York on January First 1892.

Annie Moore and Brothers

Books to Read:

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Photos taken by Fr Aquinas T. Duffy

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