Glendalough Co. Wicklow

Upper Lake Glendalough

Glendalough has been a place
of pilgrimage from the time of St Kevin (early sixth Century) and set in the beauty of Mountains and Lakes.
It is just one hour's drive south of Dublin City.

St Kevin's Glendalough

The Sanctuary Stone

The sanctuary stone with a cross inscribed on it is just inside the Gateway. It marked the point where sanctuary was given, like a diplomatic border. The gateway was the main entrance to the early monastic enclosure. It probably had a timber roof.

The Gateway

St Kevin's Church or Kitchen

St Kevin's Church or "Kitchen"
The steep roof is formed by overlapping stones. The church had a timber floor at first level. The belfry tower may not be contemporary with original building.

St Kevin's Church or Kitchen

The Round Tower

The Tower is about 30 metres high and is built with mica slate interspersed with granite. The conical roof was rebuilt in 1876. The tower was divided internally into six storeys by timber floors. Round Towers were landmarks for approaching visitors and also served as bell towers, store houses and places of refuge.

Photo by Karin Pillow

Photo Sent to me
by Karin Pillow

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Photos taken by Fr Aquinas T. Duffy

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